Fashion Birthday Party

Does your child LOVE fashion and design?

If yes, search no further we guarantee to give your child the best birthday ever!!! At Richard Robinson we are a renowned fashion school and now your little one can discover the excitement of being a fashion designer too! In just 3 1/2 hours your child and their friends will learn to sew and design like real designers! All projects are custom to fit their personality and styles. Make their dreams come true while they develop their love and passion for fashion.

Packages includes:

  1. 3 hours animation at Richard Robinson
  2. 30 mins for cake and presents
  3. Invitations and thank you cards to print at home
  4. 1 fashion illustration 2 sewing projects
  5. All supplies are included and children leave with all their projects.

Parents are welcome to bring snacks, drinks, cake, and decorations.

Cost: $300

Contact us to book your date and time