***We are no longer taking applications for 2022-2023 school year. We are accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year in November 2022 ONLY.***

Apply for Full-Time Program

The First step is to apply to our full-time fashion designer program. Once your application has been received we will guide you on the final application process. You must complete and pass the admissions exam and have a high school diploma in order to qualify.
If you are accepted into our program we will provide you with an acceptance letter ($500 fee) that you must bring to a Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Apply for immigration documents

Start the necessary steps in order to obtain your visa and/or study permit.

Check the list of Canadian Visa Offices to find the office that serves your country or region.

NOTE: The processing time for a visa and/or study permit is much shorter if you apply for it online. You must take the necessary steps as soon as you receive your acceptance letter for admission.

Please note that due to a significant change to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), educational institutions can no longer provide international students with immigration advice. As a result we invite you to visit the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp

The CIC Call Centre can also answer questions, in English or French, about CIC services and programs, or applications in process inside Canada (1-888-242- 2100).

Health Insurance

HEALTH INSURANCE FOR A NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENT must start within 15 days from your arrival in Canada. Subscription to the Academy’s Health Insurance Plan is compulsory and a condition of registration in your program. (We are discussing with Financial Health Partners which health insurance company would be more suitable: TuGo or Blue Cross. Fees are reasonable and will be explicit on our website as soon as it becomes available)

COVERAGE FOR FAMILIES coverage is mandatory for your immediate family (spouse, dependent children) as well and it must be purchased within 15 days of their arrival in Canada.

The health insurance coverage for dependants covers the same services as for students (members). Students must renew their health insurance for themselves and their dependants every year. It is mandatory that you pay health insurance with your tuition fees payable to the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design. For further information on the coverage provided by the Academy’s Health Insurance Plan, please go to www.richardrobinson.com/internationalstudents website or send an email to the Administration Office info@richardrobinson.com (This part of the website is being developed)

If you have any additional questions, or contact us at: 419 Sussex Drive, OTTAWA (ONTARIO) K1N 9M6 CANADA T. 613 241-5233

Departure checklist

DEPARTURE CHECKLIST WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU As you prepare to come to Canada, make sure you bring the following important items with you:

  • letter of introduction and acceptance from the Canadian Embassy (if applicable)
  • valid passport
  • original copy of your admission letter from the RICHARD ROBINSON Academy of Fashion Design
  • proof of available funds (Bank statement)
  • photo ID (picture identification)
  • original transcripts or school certificates
  • credit cards (if applicable)
  • marriage certificate, if your spouse is accompanying you
  • your children’s school records, if your children are accompanying you
  • medical and immunization records
  • driver’s license or international driver’s license
  • driving insurance records (a letter stating the number of years you have been insured, and your insurance record)


Call the Academy at 613-241-5233. We will schedule an individual appointment for the student to meet with the administration officer in charge of the International students. Discussion of transportation, housing, health insurance, payment of tuition fees, any integration or problems encountered or foreseeable.

An information session will be scheduled to discuss the Fashion Designer program and review your expectations as well as the Academy’s expectations of students as to Academic requirements, progress, and students rights and responsibilities.

An individual meeting with the director of the Academy to review your student file, rules and regulations of the Academy, course schedule, and school’s calendar, go over the Academy’s agreement form, and signing and receiving copies of all special forms: Complaint procedure, Students Rights and Responsibilities, Collection of personal information, and expulsion policy.

BANK ACCOUNT Opening a student bank account in Canada is a free and simple process. There are several banks close to the Academy. Make sure you find out what type of account is best suited to your needs. To open an account, you will need to have personal identification. Be sure to bring your passport, study permit (if applicable) and Academy issued student card. To activate the account, you will need to deposit a small amount of money. After opening an account, you will receive a bank debit card that will allow you to withdraw money at most automated bank teller machines, and will be accepted at most stores to pay for your purchases. Please note that it can be very difficult for an international student to obtain a credit card. We therefore recommend that you obtain a credit card in your home country. Below is a list of the major Canadian banks: TD Bank Financial Group, Scotia Bank, National Bank of Canada, CIBC, BMO Bank of Montreal, HSBC, RBC Royal Bank.

HEALTH SERVICES The RICHARD ROBINSON Academy of Fashion Design will automatically provide the international student with health care coverage within 15 days of your arrival to Canada therefore it is imperative that you contact the Academy upon your arrival to schedule a meeting and proceed with your application and payment for health care coverage. You will be asked to create your online profile with the Academy’s Insurance company. Subscription to the Health Insurance Plan is mandatory and is a condition of registration in your program. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet any outstanding conditions indicated in the health plan offered.

MEET WITH AN ACADEMIC ADVISOR by contacting the Administration Office for students who encounter problems in satisfying academic requirements. Your teachers provide an evaluation to the administration regularly and if a problem arise, students are met and concrete actions are taken to help the student. Students whose cumulative average falls below the required minimum for their program may be allowed to take private lessons and do special projects to increase and reach the required average.


Please find the various policies for the school.