Fashion Designer

Full Time Fashion Designer

Pre-requisite: High School diploma or equivalent

Basic knowledge of Sewing: Introduction to Sewing (offered at the school)

Admissions Exam: Successful completion

Learning plan

1st year

  • Fashion Sketching 6hrs/week
  • Pattern Making 6hrs/week
  • Professional Sewing 6hrs/week
  • Textiles (Sept-Dec) 3hrs/week
  • History of Costume (Jan-April) 3hrs/week

Projects: Haute Couture dress design, Bustier, Historical themed costume

2nd year

  • Fashion Sketching 3hrs/week
  • Pattern Making 6hrs/week
  • Professional Sewing 6hrs/week
  • Intro to Marketing and Branding 6hrs/week
  • Final Project

Projects: Full collection design, Winter coat, Tailored jacket design, pant design

Fashion design students have 21 hours of class per week and will have approximately 30 hours of homework.

While at our Fashion Academy, Students will develop their creativity through learning fashion trends, doing presentations, and mastering high standards using different techniques. Time management skills and respecting deadlines are developed and stressed throughout the program.

Fashion Designer Diploma requirements: 70% average in all subjects and a minimum attendance of 80% in all courses.

First and Second year students present their original designs at the Grande Premiere, the Academy’s end of the year Fashion Show. This creates a window of opportunity for exposure of our graduates and their brands.

Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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