1. A student can withdraw from a program within 2 days of receiving a copy of the enrolment contract and be refunded all monies paid. The Academy must receive a dated written letter given by hand at the Administration office or an e-mail within those 2 days for this to apply.
  2. A student withdrawing from a program after 2 days of receiving a copy of the enrolment contract but before the actual school year has started will be penalized $500. (Registration fees) but all other monies paid will be refunded.
  3. A student withdrawing once the program has started:
    • Must meet with the administration officer
    • There is often an alternative to withdrawing, the officer will make sure to explore all options. (private lessons, catching up days, time management suggestions, another financing option, meeting with the Director.
    • If withdrawing is your only option, a dated written letter given by hand to the Administration office or an e-mail sent to
    • This letter must indicate the reason(s) of your withdrawal from the program. If they are personal reasons, you do not have to be specific.
  4. This letter will initiate the refund process:
    • Once the program has started, the student will have a $500 Penalty (Registration fees)
    • The student will be deducted the percentage of tuition fees for the instructions already received. (Yearly tuition fees divided by 30 multiplied by the number of weeks in attendance) The week where the letter is received is included in the weeks of attendance.
    • A refund will be sent to you within 30 days of the date on your letter of withdrawal.
    • If you are an OSAP student, the same refund process will apply and the monies will be sent to NSLSC and a student activity update will be sent to OSAP to notify them of your withdrawal.
  5. If you owe tuition fees to the Academy, we ask that these fees be paid within 30 days or a $25. Penalty will be added monthly.

Part-Time Classes and Summer Camps

1. We will offer a credit towards a paid class/summer camp if there is a lockdown or if there are not enough registrations for the class/summer camp. No refunds.
2. A partial refund of 50% will be given with at least 30 days notice before the start of class/summer camp.
3. Once class/summer camp has started there will be no refunds. no exceptions.